Essential Fitness testimonials!

The familial ache in the back of my carves is a friendly reminder of my latest PT session with Julia, I consider this a nice cross to bear as  I am left feeling invigorated, positive and ready to take on the World.  Predictability is something I don’t do well, and arriving at the gym to do the same workout fills me with dread.  I give up quickly, or worse I avoid going! Julia is brilliant here by constantly mixing things up, to quite literally, keep me on my toes.  She is passionate, knowledgeable and has bags of patience – this is definitely a good thing as I suffer with a severe lack of coordination.  I don’t find it easy to follow the exercises modelled, I am quite wooden and don’t have the finesse which makes it look effortless.  Julia never gets annoyed, sometimes it takes three attempts but we get there, she knows my sense of humour and eventually the process is simplified for me!  The euphoria of doing something correctly is another milestone on my journey to beach perfect fitness, and over the course of the year, I can physically see the difference, exercising muscles that I never knew existed. The best bit is achieving – but in a fun way, with a smile and loads of encouragement.  Thanks Julia!” – Jayne

“I have been having PT with Julia now for the last 6 months. Julia is extremely knowledgeable and obviously cares about what she is doing and more importantly cares about your results. She is a stickler for technique and good “form”. You also get the “look” when she knows you can go harder!

She also offers practical and sensible nutrition advice to compliment any training programme you may have. Cannot recommend enough.” – Nick

“Julia knows how to motivate me, she makes each of my training sessions challenging but rewarding. Julia has helped me improve my fitness and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more core exercises, lift progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session. I find I actually look forward to my workouts.” – Alka

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