Essential Fitness 21 Day Challenge – Day 21

It’s the final day!!!!  How good does it feel you stuck with the whole program.  Well done.

Like the other weeks today is FITNESS TEST day.  You should see a nice improvement on the fitness levels and don’t forget to write the numbers you write down so you can compare to your first fitness test.


Now get ready for the fitness test by warming up and let’s do this for the last time!

After each exercise have 2 mins rest before performing the next exercise.

Exercise 1 – Squats

Exercise 2 –  Push ups

Exercise 3 – Sit ups

Exercise 4 – Burpees


Having unsaturated fat instead of saturated fat can help lower blood cholesterol to protect your heart. Foods like unsalted nuts, seeds and yummy avocado are rich in unsaturated fat.


That’s it – 21 day challenge complete! Well done on sticking with it and I hope you have enjoyed the workouts.  Now take what you have started and carry on the good work….

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Well done Essential Fitters.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


Essential Fitness 21 Day Challenge – Day 20

So close to the finish line…….


It’s easy cardio day (go for a long walk, an easy bike ride or take the kids to the park!)


And that’s it! – this is an active rest day so will give your muscles a chance of repairing and recovering ready for next week.


Plan ahead and try to take a packed lunch to work or when you are out and about. It can work out cheaper.

Essential Fitness 21 Day Challenge – Day 19

I thought it would be good to at this stage to repeat your very first workout in the challenge.  That way you can see for yourself how far you have come.  Take the time to remember how you felt the first time you did this and acknowledge the work you have put in.  Let’s do this..


After your quick 5 minute warm up perform these exercises for 30 seconds each and have as minimal amount as rest as possible between each exercise.  Then at the end of the circuit rest for 1 minute.  Complete 2 to 3 rounds and then complete a quick 5 minute cool down and stretch.  Most importantly enjoy 🙂

  • Pretend skipping rope – (or real if you have one)
  • Squats
  • Push ups (modified on knees if required)
  • Plank on elbows
  • Modified Burpee (or full if you wish)
  • Forward Lunges with alternating legs
  • V-Sit
  • Broad Jumps
  • Side Plank (left)
  • Side Plank (right)


It takes time for our brains to register we’re full, so try to eat more slowly. If you’re eating with friends or family try pacing yourself to the slowest eater