Hi.  My name is Julia, I currently live in Brentwood, Essex with my husband and two boys.  I am a full-time mum & Personal Trainer.  Until April 2015 I worked part-time as a PA for a commercial building company in London until I took the plunge to follow my passion and left working in London to work within the fitness industry and started at 3BX Fitness gym in Hornchurch, Essex.

I am a Level 3 qualified  PT and have been since November 2010.  My passion for fitness came later on in life when I decided a change was needed.  I saw my food choices and lack of activity starting to have a detrimental effect on me.  I started to look at ways of loosing weight and increasing my fitness and I have never looked back.

I started attending the gym on a regular basis which actually ended up being every day (sometimes twice a day) I had personal trainers supplementing my training while I attended hours upon hours of gruelling workouts especially when training for triathlons for which I get so much enjoyment.  I know what its like to start from no fitness at all to being so focused on your goals nothing else matters.

I love training with Kettlebells and I am so enthusiastic about health and training and love motivating people to show them their full potential and most recently qualified as a Run Leader with England Athletics.

My Areas of Expertise:-

• Strength and Conditioning
• Kettlebells
• Nutrition and Weight Management
• Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrition


• Leader in Run Fitness (England Athletics)
• Level 2 Fitness Instructing Children
• Level 1 Strength & Conditioning inc. Kettlebells
• Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer
• Level 3 Training In Different Environments
• Level 3 Lifestyle and Fitness Assessments
• Level 3 Nutrition and Weight Management

If you would like to discuss anything please do not hesitate to contact me using the information on the right hand side or the contact page above.