What equipment do you really need?

When starting out it can be a mind field on knowing what equipment do you need.  A lot of the time, people think they need lots of gadgets and gizmos and it can actually become a barrier to exercise, putting someone off from starting their fitness journey.  I would like to say to all those people is that all you really need is yourself to start exercising, you don’t even need a pair of trainers if you wanted to start by doing yoga!…  If you really wanted to invest in a few key pieces of equipment I will examine a few options later on in this post however for now I would like to suggest that all you really need is you (and possibly a pair of trainers if you’re planning on going outside)…

I will tell you why.

Special clothing for tucking in this and that and helping melt sweat away from your body… Nice if you can afford it but I think everyone has some comfy clothes (you can exercise in your pj’s if you are at home!)

High Tech Trainers that help workout all manner of additional muscles and improve your run.  In my opinion not needed if all you are starting out doing is jogging up and down your local road and possibly around the park.  If you start really getting into running you might want to invest in a decent pair of trainers as the length of your runs on the road will increase and you will need some shock absorbing trainers to help limit the impact.

All-encompassing weight machines that are really expensive and large in statue.  Unless you are opening up a gym exercise equipthen you definitely do not need one of these in your living room.  The exercises that you can do on these machines can be mimicked by using bodyweight exercises and when you are ready you can start adding resistance by using household objects for weights or purchasing some beginner weights.  Chest Press machine alternative could be a push up, lat pull machine alternative could be an inverted row.  You get the idea.

Cardio Machines – treadmills, cross trainers, bikes.  All of these could possibly end up gathering dust or become a clothes dryer anyway….  You don’t really need these to get your heart rate up.  By doing a simple circuit of jumping jacks, jogging on the spot, high knees etc you will elevate your heart rate and could get a good CV workout in to boot.  Even better, why not get outside in the fresh air and go for a walk, keep it purposeful though, the walk is not meant to be a light stroll around the duck pond, it is meant to get your heart pumping…

As you can see you don’t need fancy trainers, clothes, weight machines, cardio machines (the list is endless) to get started on your fitness journey.

I did mention above however I would like to examine a few possible options for your equipment choices.  These are:

Trainers – I already noted that if you get serious about running etc you will need to get a good pair trainers especially as the length of your runs will increase.  You might even want to go and visit a local sport shoe shop to get a fitting done professionally.

Weights – Some kind of free weights are useful (as I said though, these don’t need to be kettlebellexpensive or really heavy if you just beginning) but having a weight resistance for your muscles to work against is necessary for you to start gaining more muscle.  I love kettlebells as they work your entire body.  They work your cardio system, help build strength, power and co-ordination.  You can get an amazing workout in so little time with these little babies.

Cardio – Just having something as simple as a child’s skipping rope will really challenge your CV system and also your co-ordination.  I love adding skipping to a routine, it makes it fun as well.

DVDs – Exercise DVDs are great if you really want someone pushing you to work harder and they give you someone to show you how you should be performing the exercises and the motivation to carry on even if you are getting tired.

In conclusion, beginning your exercise journey doesn’t need be a mind field of equipment choices.  Just start and you will progress and can add to your equipment as you go while you find out what you really enjoy doing.




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