It’s the little things that count

I think it is really daunting to realise you have to make changes in your life to make it  better and let’s face it no one is really happy about changing.  Not when we are in our own little routines and our own bubbles.  Some of the questions asked are “Where do you start?” “What should you be doing first?”  “How can you make this happen now?”

Don’t get caught up worrying about the really big stuff and trying to make this huge change.  We put too much pressure on ourselves to make things happen lightening fast.  If you just take a step back and a deep breath then make some small changes, eventually the big changes will not seem so daunting and you may wake up one day and realise that you are already making those adjustments and you didn’t even realise it.

Some small changes relating to food could be:

  • Change the type of milk you drink from whole milk to semi skimmed or soya milk.
  • Swap a packet of crisps or a bar of chocolate for a piece of fruit or a few veggie sticks and dip.
  • How about swapping white bread for granary or brown bread or even
  • Drink more water by swapping the fizzy sugary drinks for water or fruit juice (although don’t forget you only need one glass a day to count towards your five a day)
  • Don’t over fill your plate start to be mindful of your portion sizes
  • Take a packed lunch to work or on a day out so that you’re not reliant on grapping whatever is on offer
  • Cut down on the amount of alcohol you drink.

small changes

Small changes don’t always have to be food related.  You can make some little adjustments to build new habits physically also.

  • Get off the bus a stop earlier and walk a little further.
  • Forget the car every once and a while and walk to the local shops or walk the kids to school if you can.
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift or escalators
  • Go for a walk in your lunch break instead of sitting at your desk.

It’s these small changes that mount up and before you know it you have built new healthy and rewarding habits and your body will be thanking you for.


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