Welcome to my world

DO I start this blog with a little bio about me or do I go straight in and start waffling on about health and fitness.  I think I’ll opt with a little bit of background first.

Hi.  My name is Julia, I currently live in Romford, Essex with my husband and two-year old baby boy (for the purposes of this site I will call him “J”).  I am a full-time mum & also a part-time PA for a commercial building company in London.  I work three days a week in London, the rest of the time I am enjoying bringing up my gorgeous little boy and if I’m honest that doesn’t leave much time for anything else. 

Saying that, I am also a Level 3 qualified  PT and have been since November 2010.  My passion for fitness came later on in life when I decided a change was needed.  I saw my food choices and lack of activity starting to have a detrimental effect on me.  I started to look at ways of loosing weight and increasing my fitness and I have never looked back. 

I started attending the gym on a regular basis which actually ended up being every day (sometimes twice a day) I had personal trainers supplementing my training while I attended hours upon hours of gruelling workouts especially when training for triathlons for which I get so much enjoyment.  I know what its like to start from no fitness at all to being so focused on your goals nothing else matters. 

I wanted to start this blog with a view of going through a bit of a journey myself.  As I said, I am a mum first and foremost, this however does not leave much time (or in the days of J being born, the energy, enough sleep or the inclination that I should be going out for that burn on the road!).  At the time of becoming pregnant I considered myself well and my body to be in the best condition it had been in years to be able to handle the strains that pregnancy can have on your body and in turn I believe this was so beneficial to my whole pregnancy and preparation for child birth. I was, in early pregnancy, still able to carry out quite a large proportion of gym sessions just with a couple of modifications to form and I had to really come down on the intensity the further along I progressed.  By the late stages I had called a halt to any extra activity other than that of getting through the day carrying an extra 3 and half stone and growing a person. 

I prepared myself that it would take me time to get back into the swing of all things fitness and in the beginning I really struggled getting back to the gym and adjusting to the new routines.  I lost quite a bit of my pregnancy weight pretty quickly just from running around all day after J. 

Anyway, two years down the line and here we are.   I’m still struggling with losing the last few pounds.  Getting back to work has allowed me more access to the gym and I am able to go at least 3 times a week in my lunch break.  I will also try to fit in a couple of sessions at various times during the week (while Joseph is having is afternoon nap).  I’ve noticed a good increase in my cardio however my strength and muscular endurance is still lacking.  I’m finding its my nutrition that’s letting me down.  I have hankering for chocolate and I am partial to the odd muffin with frosting.  I am what you would call a “sugar” addict.  I started to rely on the sugar fix to get through the days when I had not much more than three hours sleep and I have carried on that habit.  I still have to have that first coffee with a sugar in the morning to get me going.  J has still been known to wake up during the night for whatever reason. 

I know that another change is needed and the journey starts here…


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