I’m Julia and welcome to Essential Fitness.

My mission is to support you to become healthy, fit and happy!

I provide personal training and small group sessions to men and women who want to lose weight, gain strength and feel confident about themselves. We focus on teaching the fundamentals and progress you into lifting heavy weights combined with fast paced circuits to help you achieve your goals. As a REPS Level 3 registered, qualified personal trainer you can be assured you’ll receive safe and effective exercise sessions.

At Essential Fitness we follow a simple approach to nutrition eating an abundance of fresh food to achieve your weight loss even faster. I believe in creating new lifelong habits to ensure you can achieve your goals and still enjoy life to keep you both happy and healthy.

I am an energetic, passionate, committed individual who believes sports and physical activity gives fundamental benefits, not only physical but mental and wellbeing combined to both adults and children alike.

Ultimately, I want you to get enjoyment out of the sessions and want to come back and learn new skills.  At Essential Fitness we are a team, using proven training methods and sound nutrition advice we can provide you with all the keys to a successful fitness journey.

What are you waiting for sign up today and get your fitness journey with Essential Fitness started!